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Delighting and Enduring

I was just reading Cara’s About Me on her blog Freya: The Gold Thread and I now feel epiphanated (like caffeinated, but with an epiphany) after reading this simple phrase about Freya: “She is the Goddess of unabashed New Relationship Energy (NRE).” Oh yes, yes… Read More


My lovely friend Jenni Kobylski of A Paradigm By Design made me this amazing necklace – I call it Direction, as it has Odin, Freya, and Vegvisir: I LOVE IT SOOOOO MUCH!!!!!

Tiny Signs

There are times when the immediacy of my connection with my gods freaks me out. I am babysitting E today, and we went for a stroll about the neighborhood. I was looking at houses for sale in the area, and wondering aloud to Odin if… Read More

God-Stalked: Surrendering to the Call

Originally posted at SageWoman Blogs in my blog, Siren Songs: I have been focused on the art of surrender lately – I am deeply interested in what it takes for your average modern person to consciously live the Will of the Gods, what the difference is… Read More

Necessary Space

Dawna Markova says you can’t grab God; instead, you have to become empty and make some space for God to enter. After a beautiful, relaxing vacation full of rest and reading and long walks and time to just sit and be still, I can say… Read More

For Brigid

This Time She did pass in the trees, tinkling a tickle-whisper, And was in the flame, yes, when I’ve pleaded and wished and prayed and burned anyways. But this time, no moaning: just the urge, to deep and dark and drowning. This time, my eye… Read More