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Magical Morning

I woke up with the words and tune of a new chant in my head. Chant writing isn’t something I have ever done alone, so I’m excited by this morning’s gift of a song. I’m also really grateful for: – an amazing partner – a… Read More


Today, I’m grateful for: 1. J, my lovely life partner 2. Porky, my four-legged-n-furry lovely life partner 3. Anne Lamott’s Traveling Mercies 4. Gluten-free sugar cookies from Gluuteny 5. The perspective and distance that time can bring

The Wisdom of Pattern

I really want to write something tonight, but I find myself at a loss, with no serious thoughts/observations of my own to share – though I will nudge you toward reading this amazing post by Danielle LaPorte on building a spiritual practice. (So good!) I suppose I do… Read More