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Delighting and Enduring

I was just reading Cara’s About Me on her blog Freya: The Gold Thread and I now feel epiphanated (like caffeinated, but with an epiphany) after reading this simple phrase about Freya:

“She is the Goddess of unabashed New Relationship Energy (NRE).”

Oh yes, yes she is, and my working with her right now explains some of the things that are going on with Odin.

As I am working with lust, abandon, and “unabashed New Relationship Energy” I am noticing that my work with Odin is feeling the exact opposite of that. And rightly so, because – duh – I have been dedicated to him for about 8 years now. So it makes some sense that there is more of a long term relationship stability to my dealings with Him. He has been standing off to the side, indulgently making room for this Work, while always reminding me that our relationship is an enduring one. (Notice that I do not say He is taking a backseat – He would never stand for that.)

This is an interesting feeling, because I do not do focused work with many deities (I would list Erzulie Dantor, Yemaya, and Quakoralina aside from Odin and now Freya). There are really only a handful, so this freshness is unexpected.

I’m welcoming this lesson: it is possible to delight in the new and the familiar.

Image: Goddesses of the North – Freya by ansfhd – prints available here

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