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Tarot Tuesdays: The Magician

Daedalus and I just did a Periscope broadcast about The Magician – it is only available for 24 hours, so watch it soon!

What is the Magician about? In a nutshell, I think the Magician is about being a willing vessel for magic.

Have you ever read the book The Last Unicorn by Peter S. Beagle? Have you at least watched the movie? (If not, you should definitely remedy that.) In The Last Unicorn, the magician Schmendrick is only able to do true Magic when he surrenders his will, when he lets his own personal desires for specific outcomes take a back seat to what the Magic knows and wills.

If you feel called, talk about your experience with Magician energy in the comments. Have you ever had a situation that just flowed, a time when you just knew what to do and were able to do it with little effort? Have you ever given yourself over to a higher power? When has your personal will taken a backseat to the Will of your Godself? Do you have questions or comments about the tarot in general? If so, comment!

Image: The Magician by Amoret



  1. I’ll watch it today. 🙂 I was trying to find you on Periscope so I could follow you there. (I just got a phone that can actually handle the app and will probably start scoping myself in 2016.)

    Have you ever thought about setting up a katch page to archive your scopes?

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