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A Spine For All Seasons

Never grow a wishbone where your backbone ought to be. ~Clementine Padford

A Spine For All Seasons by Amoret

Image: A Spine For All Seasons by Amoret

A Spine For All Seasons
by Amoret BriarRose

And if your spine was a sword, what then?
Could it bear the weight of all seasons,
cutting when necessary
blessing when necessary
knowing hearts are both stones and feathers?

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We Are the Ones by Amoret BriarRose Don’t despair! We are indeed made for these times, born for this dying empire breathing tired air and drinking troubled waters, rising from so many fires, exactly what is needed. Image: Need and Joy by Amoret

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The Emperor Speaks


Image:  The Emperor by Amoret

Endurance. I have been here always, and I will always be. I am the axis of support, the matrix underneath growth. I am wise and impersonal. My kingdom is the forest, and I stand tall among the wild trees.

I am relentless support. The Empress nurtures, The Empress gives, and I give shape and form to those gifts. My bounty is order and guidance.

I am the way it has always worked.

I am the map that lives in your DNA.

Deck: The Wild Unknown Tarot

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There’s something to be said for doing divination early in the morning – it changes my outlook on the day, gives me direction, gives me pause.

Images by Amoret