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no secrets, only mystery

“Words can only point the way . Teachers can only point the way.”

Holy Shit Yes. Read this if you are considering initiation.

Image: Carina Nebula Detail by NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, some rights reserved

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I will tell you a secret; there are no occult secrets.

There is no such thing as “secret lore.” It simply does not exist. All so-called “secret lore” has already been written down in books, and has been for centuries. Yes, centuries.

The names of the Gods are published; the names of the Watchers have been published; the name of God Herself has been published and can be found with only a nominal amount of searching, if one will read books that were written before the 20th century (too few people do that anymore).  All the legends and stories of every tradition have their exact analogues in history and myth from around the world and beyond.

If I was so foolish as to believe that I possessed the “secret lore,” how shocked I would be to find these secrets in Plato’s Dialogues, in the writings of Hermes Trismegistus, in…

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This Is

This poem, my gods, this poem. This is one of the myriad of reasons that I am no longer a Catholic.   What the priest said To my mother After her eighth pregnancy Ended in a hard loss And the doctor’s admonition Another might end… Read More

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Breaking the Glass Slipper

Originally posted on The Flourishing Academic:
By Dr. Jessica McCort, Instructor of Writing in the English Department, Duquesne University Image courtesy of Recently, I have become deeply invested in fostering my students’ ability to question the world around them, particularly the received messages that…

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Review: Song of the Sea

Originally posted on GODS & RADICALS:
Promotional Poster (Fair Use–Review) By Judith O’Grady ‘Song of the Sea’, a beautiful Irish-made children’s animated film, was recently released. Absolutely astonishing artwork! Fabulous folk tale-drenched findings! Marvelous mythic machinations!! (that’s the review, there). My son set my tv-connected…