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How Odd

How odd it is to fear I am a hypochondriac when I take routine care of myself, when I investigate a concerning symptom, when I hear the thing that goes bump in the night and seek to find out why, why, why.

How odd it is to have been mothered by a woman unable to care for herself, a woman who flung away her flashlight into the deepest shadows.

How odd it is to feel guilty, full of betrayal, when I shine my torch into common darkness.

Imbolc Vows

These are a little late, because sometimes life happens. My first dedication was to Brighid – she of the forge, she of the well. This year, I vow to Her: I will love and steward myself. I will show my heart. I will ask for… Read More

Seeing the Bottom

 Some rights reserved by StarbuckGuy I’m always working on something, it seems. Lately, helpful stuff has been coming to me month by month from an interesting and insightful little book entitled “The Art of Extreme Self Care:  Transform Your Life One Month at a Time” by Cheryl… Read More