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Relaxing is Magic

Two nights, in a row, I have not had insomnia. I have slept nine hours each night. It has been GLORIOUS. And today, I plan on reading for pleasure. And going for a walk. And relaxing. For me, right now, the way life is, relaxation is a… Read More

Magical Morning

I woke up with the words and tune of a new chant in my head. Chant writing isn’t something I have ever done alone, so I’m excited by this morning’s gift of a song. I’m also really grateful for: – an amazing partner – a… Read More

Time Is On My Side: Yes It Is

Some Rights Reserved by openDemocracy Today began with an anxiety attack. You see, today was the first day I didn’t have to go to work in six days. I slept in, which was lovely, and reconnected with my partner and my little dog, and then…well,… Read More

I’m Just a Worm

“Allo!” ~ Worm, Labyrinth “Notice to those making up religions: the most powerful secrets aren’t secrets. They are things we may have known for a while but then suddenly feel the full force of when the time is right.” ~Anne Hill, comment on her blog… Read More