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Listen to the world, it is speaking to you.

The other day, the spirit of this tree spoke to me:


I found this tree stump on Grant Street in downtown Pittsburgh, surrounded by green moss which was in turn surrounded by concrete, circles within circles. The tree wasn’t very old and probably died because it was poorly planted…but somehow this little stump didn’t give off an air of sadness – it wasn’t lonely or forlorn. This little stump was hopeful. This is what the stump wanted me to share:

Some things will never work – abandon that which is futile. Be discerning:  learn from  your failures and be bold in your experiments.

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Bubble, bubble, toil and trouble

On October 8th, my husband and I traveled out to visit his family in Ohio for the annual Hollinger Apple Butter Family Reunion. It was delightful to spend time with my husband’s family, to experience the crisp fall air, and to stir a cauldron of deliciousness all day.

Getting together with loved ones is a ritual and a spell, folks.