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Our weather is starting to turn toward autumn. There is so much to do in the garden to begin putting it to bed – I just cut down the husks of the front yard sunflowers, and I have been attempting to return to weeding and tidying in the backyard. The butterfly bush has become overgrown, but shouldn’t be trimmed back until the Spring. I have already moved most of the indoor plants, well, back indoors. The nights are not yet cold, but they are creeping towards chilliness.

I am continuing to practice Vedic meditation, and I recently learned how to do an advanced practice called rounding. I am incorporating the practice into my morning meditations as it makes sense. I love having these practices to anchor my days.

I am continuing to explore work with Mary Magdalene, and am also called to do devotional work with Our Lady of Czestochowa, one of the Black Madonnas. As I am of Polish heritage, she feels like a link to my Ancestors. I am praying rosaries to both Mary Magdalene and to the Black Madonna – it is a peaceful, unitive practice that is reminding me that I am child of the earth and the starry heavens.

What have you been up to? What do you want to share? Tell me in the comments.

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