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They weren’t kidding when they called it life-changing.

No matter how many times I am told that a practice is going to change my ways, my perspective, my life, I am always a little surprised at how it actually, you know, happens.

I have been doing Vedic meditation for almost two months now, and it is changing my way of relating to most everything, and in really wonderful ways. And…it is making me really think critically about how much time I have, daily, yearly, how much time I have left in my life to do the things I want to do, to fulfill the callings of my deep soul. I am asking questions I haven’t asked before, and I am asking them in new ways.

I am questioning my unerring loyalty to ways of being that have sustained me for over 20 years.

I am questioning my practices and my spiritual identities.

I am questioning the roles I have always felt I needed to play to survive.

I am, perhaps for the first time in my life, putting my “wants” ahead of my “shoulds.”

And it is going to change the trajectory of my life. I can feel that, deep in my bones.

In my de-excited state during and after meditation, I am getting clear directions, and they feel joyous. I desire these changes. And: they are going to change everything.

Your Thoughts?

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