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Expanding #WAF

Witchy as Fuck (WAF). When I envision WAF, what comes to mind is:

Incense. Candles. Music. Special magical clothing. Chanting. Moonlight.

And honestly? Most of my life is not lived in this way at the moment. As a new mom, I am lucky if I can light the tea lights on my altar as I pass by them in the morning before work, saying thank you to the spirits and deities I work with for overlooking the dust on their altars. I can make time most mornings to pull a tarot card and a rune and quickly jot down my impressions of what those oracles say to me…but that’s about it.

And still, I’m the architect of life-changing magic, and dammit, I want to add to the current definition of WAF. We are witches, right? We change our consciousness at will, right?

So, in that light…

It is only Tuesday morning, but already this week, I did the following WAF things:

  • Went through my current list of projects and whittled them down to those things that I love to do, want to do, and need to do (I am a magical unicorn of focus!)
  • Put my phone down while hanging out with my baby and devoted my full attention to her (Behold my next-level wizard skills!)
  • Relaxed with my husband (I am a priestess of self care!)
  • Began the work of organizing a workshop with my coven (I am a spellcaster extraordinaire!)

What have you been doing that you didn’t realize was WAF? What spells are you spinning out into being at your job, at your home, in your comfy pants? Tell me in the comments, you intensely magical beings, you!



  1. These are the types of things I call soft spells; the things I do that aren’t the stuff of fancy Instagram photos, but rather the re-enchantment of my world through tiny acts of devotion, self-care, and active wonder.

  2. I applied to teach at a Witchcamp for the first time (next year)! I started reading ‘Odin’ by Diana Paxson. Once the caulking is dry I am going to take a #MAF bath in my new bathtub!!!

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