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A Visit to the “Witch City”

It’s probably pretty naive of me, not realizing that I would go to Salem, Massachusetts and end up feeling really unsettled. It definitely wasn’t the most magical place I’ve ever been (New Orleans, here’s lookin’ at you kid) but it was definitely spooky in the amount of cognitive dissonance it caused. Shopping for witch kitsch being sold to commemorate the hysteria-fueled murders of innocent, vulnerable folks was…weird. It was bizarre to support the tourist economy of the “Witch City” as an actual witch. It was sobering to visit Proctor’s Ledge and see the names of those that were murdered. Still not sure exactly what I think about the whole experience. It was interesting, and capitalistic, and sad, and in that, totally American.


Bridget Bishop
June 10, 1692

Elizabeth Howe
July 19, 1692

Susannah Martin
July 19, 1692

Sarah Good
July 19, 1692

Rebecca Nurse
July 19, 1692

Sarah Wildes
July 19, 1692

Rev. George Burroughs
August 19, 1692

Martha Carrier
August 19, 1692

John Willard
August 19, 1692

George Jacobs Sr.
August 19, 1692

John Proctor
August 19, 1692

Giles Corey
September 19, 1692

Martha Corey
September 22, 1692

Ann Pudeator
September 22, 1692

Alice Parker
September 22, 1692

Mary Parker
September 22, 1692

Mary Easty
September 22, 1692

Margaret Scott
September 22, 1692

Wilmot Redd
September 22, 1692

Samuel Wardwell
September 22, 1692

Died in prison:

Mercy Good, infant daughter of Sarah Good, born and died in prison
date of death unknown

Sarah Osborne
May 10, 1692

Roger Toothaker
June 16, 1692

Ann Foster
December 3, 1692

What is remembered, lives.


    • It wasn’t so much outwardly disturbing. It was a feeling that grew over time, if that makes sense.

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