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I’m back, witches!

It has been a looooong time since I last posted. I had a major life change (BABY) in November of 2018, and while it is tempting to say something deep and soulful like “I just let myself dive deep into motherhood” or “I sank into the bliss that was my postpartum experience” the truth is, I haven’t written any blog posts because I am EXHAUSTED. Having a new baby is a hard miracle, y’all. Worth it and work it, all the time.

It takes a lot more effort to do self care, a lot more effort to find time to do spiritual work, a lot more OOMPH to do anything that isn’t in service to my daughter Runa, or to the critical needs of my household. But, the spiritual is always there, even when it doesn’t come dressed in fancy robes and smelling of Nag Champa. I have been tending to my back garden. I have been singing Reclaiming chants to Runa. I pull a tarot or oracle card every morning…well, most mornings. I meet with my Coven. I pour coffee for Papa Legba and light candles for the Ancestors and I breathe and I pray to make it through the day. And somehow, thus far, I have made it through each day, one after another. It’s the face of the everyday miraculous, folks!

I would love to promise that I’ll regularly post here, but realistically speaking, I am aiming to sporadically post here. It’s an offering on the altar of Good Enough, which is my main altar now.

What’s your main altar nowadays? What does your practice look like? Tell me in the comments.

Your Thoughts?

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