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Mallow Ointment

I have been inspired by the wonderful Sarah Anne Lawless to try my hand at making herbal ointments. My first attempt follows the Althea Ointment Recipe that she outlines in her “Six Herbs for Spirit Work” post.

I read Sarah’s blog post, and the next day spotted common mallow on the street behind my home:

Malva neglecta

Common mallow (Malva neglecta) growing near my home.

I asked the mallow’s permission before harvesting, and let it know that I was going to be using it for an ointment. Following Sarah’s instructions, I have the mallow in grape seed oil, where it will infuse for 1-3 months:

Althea Ointment

Mallow Ointment

I will keep y’all apprised of my progress! If you are interested in purchasing some of Sarah Anne Lawless’ herbal medicinals, you can find them here.

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