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Holding on to Hope

Black people are being MURDERED by police EVERY GODDAMN DAY and it is being sanctioned by the state while white folk turn a blind eye to blatant,systemic racism in the United States.

Indigenous people are peaceably protesting to protect our water, which, when last I checked, is essential to the survival of life on our planet, and we barely know that they are being attacked by dogs and charged with felonies because mainstream media refuses to report on it.

White male rapists are getting their wrists slapped before being sent back to their oh-so-bright futures.

Salt-water fish will probably be extinct by 2048, if not sooner, as people refuse to acknowledge climate change and the eminent disasters we are facing. Though we are presumably the only self-reflective species on the planet, it appears we would rather collectively shove our heads in the sand, buy Coach purses, and really focus on fantasy football this season.

Donald Trump, a xenophobic, sexist bigot may be elected President.

I repeat, Donald Trump may be elected President.

I feel like a spinning top of terror and despair, looking around my burning house, wondering if there is any way to even try to put out so many goddamn fires.

I have been reading Coming Back to Life by Joanna Macy and Molly Brown, and I am trying to hold onto hope, trying to hold onto the idea of the Great Turning. I want to galvanize, create synergy and make change. I want to gather the people that ‘see what I see and feel as I feel’ (a little V for Vendetta reference), and I want us to mobilize and prioritize action over apathy. I want us to turn this ship around. 

I want to be able to say that I tried, that I risked, that I did my best to turn the tide.

Are you with me?

Image:  May There Be Love and Justice Between Us by Amoret

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