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Ancestor Stories: Grandma Lorraine

Today is the anniversary of my grandmother’s death. Władysława Szaflarski (Lorraine, Lottie) had a dry wit, a talent for telling ghost stories and was one of the most spiritually powerful people I’ve ever met. Growing up, she was my best friend and the one adult that really “got” me. She taught me about safety and unconditional love. Grandma died 10 days after my 10th birthday, and I’ve missed her ever since. Big love to you, Grandma.

A poem that really reminds me of my grandmother is Jane Kenyon’s “Hanging Pictures in Nanny’s Room” – you can find it here, if you search for the title.

Image:  Time of the Ancestors by Amoret


  1. My Grandmother died the year I turned ten, as well. I miss her love more each year – she was almost the only family member who seemed to care about me.

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