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Ancestor Work

I just started drumming as part of my larger weekend Ancestor work.

Every day, I wake up and light a candle and incense, say hello to my Ancestors, and thank them for the gift of existence. Once a week, on Friday or Saturday, I refresh the water offering on the altar and say the names of my Ancestors, as far down my lines as I know them.

I have been noticing that when I approach the altar, my tar drum will vibrate and make a noise as if it is being lightly hit – in response, I had been touching the drum to make a simple beat, an acknowledgement. Today I got the idea to do some trance drumming while I said my Ancestor’s names. I also chanted out words of love, speaking the spell that What Is Remembered Lives.

And so it is.

Image:  Ancestor Altar by Amoret

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