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Lessons in Ego: The Fool and the Cliff

Good lord, let me tell you: Periscope is such an exercise in getting comfortable with discomfort, and getting comfortable with building my parachute on the way down (such Fool energy!) I usually like my products to be super polished…and Periscope videos are a humbling enterprise.

BUT…I am jumping off of the cliff, being Foolish, and doing it afraid – so here is my first Tarot Tuesday video.

I would love to keep a continued conversation going, week to week, as I move through the tarot, so please comment – are you feeling foolish? What new adventures have you feeling like the Fool? Have you recently jumped off a cliff? Is your little dog pushing you along, or pulling you back, or both? Do you have a different view of the Fool that you would like to share? Do you have questions about the Fool, or about tarot in general? Please share! I love to talk tarot.

Image: The Adventure by Amoret

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  1. Hello! I just draw my pwn Fool card maybe you would be interested. I probably missed the cliff in it ! I can’t see now the video but will try later

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