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Review: Song of the Sea

I adore this movie – I’m partial to movies that touch the soul regardless of age.


Promotional Poster (Fair Use--Review) Promotional Poster (Fair Use–Review)

By Judith O’Grady

‘Song of the Sea’, a beautiful Irish-made children’s animated film, was recently released.

Absolutely astonishing artwork! Fabulous folk tale-drenched findings! Marvelous mythic machinations!! (that’s the review, there).

My son set my tv-connected computer up with his film-on-demand thingie so I could watch it with the family (except for the son who refuses to watch movies on principal), which was fun and engaging; it’s always enjoyable to have a movie explained to you by your three-year-old grand-daughter. Due to the fact that I, like the authors of the film, have read a lot of folklore I picked out the mother as a selkie (a mythic being who is a seal but upon taking off the sealskin on land becomes human) at a glance because any west-coaster with brown eyes in a story is by default a seal. As is usual with selkie/ human marriages…

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