Gods help me to be concise – Pagan Experience project; Apr; wk 4

I really like that Bone is straight and to the point about this topic, and does not make this post about herself – she keeps the focus on the issues. As they say, don’t look at the finger, look at what it is pointing at (admittedly, “they” say it more eloquently than that.)


The letter G or H. I chose G for Gods and H for Help.

This post inspired by the level of SJW (Social Justice Work) terminology that appears to be needed in this country.

The institutionalized systems in this country are set up to favour some over others and this is what is meant by having (institutionalized) privilege. The people favoured the most are male, white, hetero, able-bodied folks. Everyone else is not as high up the helping ladder of society as they are. We all can be privileged in one area and not in another. This is called intersectionality. This does not erase the privilege we have. Dismantling these systems so everyone truly starts on a level paying is the ideal. But we’re dealing with humans here, so the second level ideal is mitigating as much as possible the effects of privilege in our everyday lives, from the micro-aggressions…

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