First Sonnet

I have never written a sonnet before – what a frustrating, yet ultimately fun task!

Shoreline: The Mermaid’s Sonnet

The waves grow rough and crash upon the rock
Till sand remains as bone returns to soil
And tide beats on the drum of shore, a clock
No man can cheat, nor bribe with wit or toil
And so, in sun and storm the days still pass
Mere waves of breath and bone and blood, no more
Than wicked swells, as heartbeats crest so fast
Then break, when dropped upon horizon’s floor.
And yet, I am no man to fret and fall
In fate’s cruel arms, or ocean’s game with time
No heart have I to break or hear tide’s call
To feel the drum must press your lips to mine
And coax life’s end from slowly dimming eyes
That see beyond the shoreline’s lullabies.

© 2015 Amoret BriarRose. All rights reserved.

Image: A Mermaid – 1901 by John William Waterhouse – public domain, image found at