Alchemeet is awesome. Magnolia is awesome. You should probably attend this free awesomeness!

Beautiful and Potentially Lethal

This month I am hosting Spiralheart’s Alchemeet and I am super excited about it! I’m calling it The Art of Loving Oneself First: Self Care when Seeking Transformation. It’s something I try to live and certainly whole heartedly endorse as important in any kind of Work. 

Here’s what I have for the blurb for it!!!!!  EEP I AM SO EXCITED

When doing Transformative Work Magnolia often found that if she wasn’t nourishing herself physically the Work isn’t what she hoped for it to be. Taking the time to eat well, exercise, stretch, go to therapy, have sex, sleep, and move each are necessary to the wholeness of spiritual practice. There are many ways to feed and strengthen the physical body and in turn rest and nourish the mind and spirit.

At this Alchemeet we’ll discuss what self-care can look like, how often you do “self-care,” how you know when you “need it” and…

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