Dearest Odin Allfather: Trust Is Clearly Not My Strong Suit


Let’s recap how things have been going for me in the last 24 hours:

1. Asked Odin for a sign about how I would be able to have a house and accomplish my Life Goals and Travel and Do All The Important Things.

2. Got the Sign – it appears that the way to do it is to have a tiny house on wheels. I don’t know about you, but this seems like something the Wanderer would suggest.

3. Laughed a lot,  and then freaked out a bit in the “holy shit am I ready for this kind of lifestyle change?” kind of way. And then I casually said to my dearest Allfather:  Ok, if you want this to happen, I need your help to make it happen. You’re going to have to partner with me on this. (Yes, I actually did say that. Out loud.) 

4. Beloved Partner (BP from here on out) comes home rather late; for brevity’s sake, we’ll just say that he needs to make a career change. There is much talk about putting in two weeks notice the next day (that would be today, folks).  There was much rejoicing.  My opinion on this course of action: We have no savings, and I am currently working very part-time so I can write and get my business off the ground. I told BP that if he was ok with triggering my extreme discomfort by quitting a job without a new job lined up when we have no money and when he is our main breadwinner, then he forfeits his veto during our discussions about moving to other cities solely based on the “but neither of us will have a job lined up” argument.

5. There will be some pause and reflection, but I need to prep for what is coming, whatever that may be.

This sort of upheaval is probably what needs to happen, according to Dearest Odin Allfather (DOA from here on out)…so who knows what will happen next. BP has to get through today first. And now DOA and I are in pretty constant communication – He’s asking me to trust Him, and to take my hand off the wheel.

And I’m the one that’s always advocating surrender, right? Ahem.