Thoughts on being a Yoda

I can’t remember where I first saw this, but I read somewhere that spiritual advisors have archetypes. For example, some are like Indiana Jones – they are going to grab you and take you on a mighty adventure.

Specific to me: some advisors are like Yoda – you need to seek them out, as they are often hidden and not always as they seem.

I tend to naturally fall into the Yoda category. I am not, as a dear friend once said, “prone to waving my big magical dick in people’s faces.” And with that comes benefits and complexities.

One benefit: those that I work with are usually looking to do serious work. They have not been wooed by the Magical Jazz Hands of Mystical Power so often wielded in the pagan community, and are ready for the deep work of transformation.


One complexity: people have interesting and varying perceptions of me and my energy. Sometimes my quiet is seen as Power…sometimes my tendency to stop and think before I speak my truth is seen as hesitancy. I tend to fly under the radar in the Feri community. My listening is interpreted at times as shyness, or depth, or even aloofness.

And slowly, I am coming to see this: when I don’t tell others Who I Am, they see themselves, or their desires, or their fears. I am storied by others.

So I’m sitting with that this morning. For this, too, is a worthy offering.