REBLOG: The Valknut [Ask Me About Odin]

I really enjoyed reading this today – I am deepening my relationship with Odin, and this really spoke to me.

The Wytch of the North

valknut 7th century picture stone depicting the valknut’s connection with human sacrifice

Arjuni asked:

I’ve read (in sources-I-can’t-remember at unrecalled times, unfortunately) that Odin’s valknut is a protective but dangerous symbol, and that one who wears it is marked for great trial or even death. Is this true?”

In a word, yes.  In modern devotional practice, the symbol is traditionally worn by those who have been claimed by Odin, as a sign that we are willing to be sacrifices to Him at any time He should choose.   The immediate impact of embracing the symbol is more likely to be sweeping life changes, inner transformation, and the sacrifice of comfort zones, than literal death; however there is—or ought to be—also an acceptance of the literal meaning of death as a sacrifice to Odin.  Most of us who are His know that our deaths belong to Him just as our…

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