Doing Your Work

I’ve been feeling weird about getting so sick right at the New Year. This time was “supposed” to be my time to fully celebrate my transition into working full-time for myself. I keep fighting the idea that, as I’m recovering, I should be doing more – “Yeah, I’m no longer contagious, running a fever every day, lost in a pile of tissues – I should definitely be up and running around, Doing My Work!” In truth, I’m still very congested, still doubled over with an intense phlegmy chest cough that would make a Grandpa proud, and rocking a sweet sinus headache. It is no wonder that I am exhausted by doing small things.

Right now, today, my Work is resting until I am fully well. I keep reminding myself of the Fourth Agreement,  Always Do Your Best – and my best right now is to take my medications, and do some laundry, and knit a bit, and nap a bit, and watch a movie here and there. As Danielle LaPorte says, “The journey has to feel the way you want the destination to feel.

What is your work, right now, today? Is it to be restful? To be silent? To speak up? To play hard? Are you doing your best for where you are at right now? How does your journey feel, right now?