Let it In, Let it In

I try to give every year a motto. I learned this habit from my wonderful friend DHG a few years ago when she first told me of her ‘Year of the Cracked Pot’.

2013 revealed it’s motto to me quite early. I woke up one morning and realized that this was the year of Accepting All Gifts.

Dangerous, yes. Exciting, definitely. Who knows what is lurking in the Mystery Present.

In 2013, I will find out.

The following have already shown up:

Gifts Accepted in 2013:
1. Revelations and Divine Intercessions
2. Potent Rages that have lead to Big Changes and
3. A free dining table

I plan to keep a running list of the wonders of the Mysterious Present.

What’s your motto for 2013? Does it scare you just a bit?