It’s Been A Long Time!

Sorry, my dear, dear blog. I have neglected you for a long while. In my defense, there was a lot of stuff going on!

Right now, I’m inspired and inflamed in all the right ways. My heart feels like it is on fire, and things are shifting quite rapidly. I am starting an artist’s group, Flaming Heart, that meets once a month to work on the art that feeds. I am doing more ritual. I am planning a class focused on developing meaningful personal practices. My honey and my doggy are doing well. 2013 has started with a bang, and feels Very Different from 2012.

Today, I’m loving the little bits of wisdom that the fabulous Danielle LaPorte has compiled here. Read them, I’m sure you will love them, too. I am really in this place today:

Affirmations are like screaming that you’re okay in order to overcome this whisper that you’re not. That’s a big contrast to actually uncovering the whisper, realizing that it’s a passing memory, and moving closer to all those fears and all those edgy feelings that maybe you’re not okay. Well, no big deal. None of us is okay and all of us are fine. It’s not just one way. We are walking, talking paradoxes. -Pema Chödrön, Start Where You Are

What place are you in today?

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