Today’s Tarot Card: The Chariot

I’m working with a new tarot student, and the homework for this week is to pull a card every day and talk about it.This morning, right before walking out the door to work, I pulled The Chariot. I’m curious to see what kind of day I will have, with all this Chariot energy flowing around me.

The Chariot isn’t an easy favorite for me. While I find it easy to be disciplined and I am known as being firm and direct (all qualities/energies associated with The Chariot) I can easily burn out and get frazzled and unhappy if I am always in a “Go! Go! Go!” mindset. I am often reminded by my body that I need to be kind to myself, that taking a break isn’t a failure, and that stopping to think about where I am going is important for guiding this Chariot through my day. It isn’t just about holding the reins and getting the cart to move- it’s also about having a well-balanced plan and a map for sound guidance.

The Tarot of the New Vision deck gives an interesting shift in perspective on the usual Rider-Waite scenes, turning them around to show you the backs of images, what the traditional characters are looking at off in the distance, etc. Pretty neat idea, right? When I pulled this card today, I immediately thought of this deck, as I resonate with their image of The Chariot, which depicts bound slaves being pulled by the charioteer. This reminds me that we can be slaves to ego and ambition if we are not careful. It also reminds me to look at what I am pulling through my day (or my life) that might be unhealthy- if I am moving fast and with great purpose, I might miss that I am pulling dead weight behind me.

As you go through your day, what are you focused on? What drives you and the vehicle that is your life? Where are you going and how are you going to get there?  These are the questions The Chariot is asking of me today.

Here’s to asking the questions and looking for answers. Happy Friday, y’all!

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