Ecstatic Witchcraft Workshop in Pittsburgh

Ecstatic Witchcraft: Why Bother?

Interested in witchcraft? Curious about the difference between Ecstatic traditions (Feri, Reclaiming) and British Traditional Witchcraft? We will be hosting a six class workshop that will include:

– introduction to the class, and a brief history of witchcraft/paganism
– a discussion on the myths surrounding paganism
– an overview of major pagan religions (a quick and dirty run-through)
– an overview and discussion of British Traditional Witchcraft and Wicca
– an overview and discussion of Ecstatic Witchcraft (Feri and the Reclaiming Tradition)
– a Reclaiming-style ecstatic ritual

Who should attend: This will be the first of several workshops offered in the Reclaiming Tradition so anyone interested in getting a better understanding of Reclaiming-style witchcraft is encouraged to attend. Those that are curious about paganism are also welcome.

About the instructors:

Lora:  A Reclaiming-identified Witch for over 13 years (and a Pittsburgher for 6!) Lora’s passions are community building, divination, ecstatic ritual, poetry, and whatever good book has currently captured her attention. Committed to teaching in the Pittsburgh pagan community, Lora brings her experiences in leadership training, small group facilitation, trance techniques, and ritual arts to the teaching table.

Pamela:  A non-trad identified Witch since … um, I should know this, huh … 2000/2001? Focus on the Reclaiming/Feri path since 2009. Practitioner of American Folk Witchcraft encompassing herbs, oils, candles, and whatnots. Co-leader of a local CUUPs group for almost 8 years, co-leader of a monthly Pagan Spirituality class for same. Worked to plan, solicit vendors/advertisers, organize, and track financials of local Spirit Fair for 3 years. Transitional magic surrounding life/death/rebirth and transformational magic particularly working with shadow energy are my areas of grace. I believe laughter is one of our most effective magical tools.

Sundays, January 22nd, 29th, February 5th, 19th, 26th, and March 4th

Time: 2-5pm

Where: private residence, South Hills area

Fee per class: $10 per class, or $50 if paid in one up-front installment

***Deadline for registration: Wednesday, January 18th***

Things to Bring to Class:
– Paganism: An Introduction to Earth-Centered Religions by River and Joyce Higginbotham
– water bottle
– notebook and pen
– a curious attitude and an open mind

Workshop participants are expected to attend all classes. Space is limited, first come, first served! 

Interested? Email with the following:

– preferred name and contact information
– a short paragraph on three things that brought you to your current tradition/spiritual path
– a short paragraph on two things that keep you in your current tradition/spiritual path
– a short statement on what interests you about the class or paganism in general

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