or, A Prayer for a Well-Worn Life

Gimme gimme gimme
more tactile experiences,
more open, less closed, fewer back-alley heartaches.

I want what matters-
you know- glitter and shit.

I want to look you in the eye to see what’s hiding.

World, please please please smack me in the face with
the breath and
the blood and the
bone of it.

I desire a bumpy ride with good conversation.
I’ll take the good ones, but want to know the wicked ones better.
Traitors, start the line at my door.

I want to live sugar cubes and meatloaf and sassafras,
taste more poetry on my tongue,
touch the pupils of open, fearless eyes.

So life? You listening?

Bring it.

© 2009 Amoret BriarRose. All rights reserved.

Image: Sugar by Uwe Hermannsome rights reserved