Eventually the pendulum will swing back…

I’m a pretty harsh taskmaster.

I spent a good part of today berating myself for not getting up early to do pushups and situps and yoga. I spent a good part of yesterday telling my therapist about how I feel like a hypocrite for not living up to my own standards regarding relationships. Generally, I spend a good part of every day feeling like I should be doing more, producing more, getting farther, being kinder, arriving earlier, sleeping less, writing more…and the list goes on.

The problem? Well, aside from the anxiety, it’s that I’m starting to bore myself. The dishes are always done and the bed is made and I’ve counted my calories I have it all together but all together is a freakin’ snooze-fest. Perfectionism is stultifying and stagnating. Still, I know total chaos isn’t much better…so what’s a girl to do?

Balance is a bitch.