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“Is there another destiny for you? Do you choose a road that will take you to a place foreign to your own becoming? This question is sincere, it is not meant to deceive. No matter which road you take, you will become; but all roads do not lead to your becoming. If you think they do, it is you, not I, who is given to deception. All of your roads will end in death. Not all roads lead to life.” ~ Cynthea Jones, “Six Seeds” (Diana’s Grove’s 2010 April Mystery School packet, p. 4)

This quote is haunting me, and I know why. I’m trying to split my time between a road that leads to life and other roads. I would say I’m about 75% on the road I want to be on, and 25% of me is hanging out elsewhere. There’s an obvious need to pause for an integrity assessment.

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